Beautiful Nails For Summer Sandal Season!

Toes With summer right around the corner, it is time to get your fingers and toes ready sandal season!

Brightening up your mani/pedi is easy with this springs array of colors, such as pink, mint, purple, and tangerine. However, to get a beautifully polished nail, you need to start with a healthy nail.

Try a few of these little tips and tricks to boost the smoothness and strength of your finger and toe nails.

Hydrate: We know that in hotter months its crucial to stay hydrated, but drinking a sufficient amount of water helps keep everything healthy. From your skin to your hair, and even your nails, your body as a whole benefits from adequate hydration. Aim to consume at least 8-10 glasses a day for optimal benefits.

Supplementation: For a health boost for your nails, try adding a Biotin to your daily supplement intake. Biotin is a natural vitamin to help hair and nails grow healthy and strong. You can ask your doctor or health store specialist which dosage is best. Take it faithfully throughout the summer for best results.

Oil Is Your Best Friend: Treat your nails kindly by investing in a good cuticle oil and a hardening clear nail polish if you have fragile flaking nails that peel easily. Make sure to eat healthy too and taking coconut oil with meals can act as a super food in so many ways. You can even use coconut oil or avocado oil in place of pricier cuticle oils if you prefer to go au naturel.

Remember, if your nails are dry and brittle, or your hair is dull, it could have a lot to do with what you are nourishing your body with on the inside. Make sure your eating plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your nails healthy and strong! These tips will ensure beautiful nails for the summer season!
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