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June 25, 2014 Posted by mandi in Beauty

A Quick And Easy Make-Up Routine For The Busy Girl!

GIrlPuttingonMakeup As girls with busy work or school schedules, we don’t always have time to line the perfect cat eye, or apply the perfect foundation to highlighter ratio. Especially if the night before required ample amounts of caffeine for a late night study sesh. The next time you find yourself craving much needed beauty sleep on a Monday morning when the alarm is buzzing, just relax. We’ve got you covered, literally. With these easy tricks to look fresh and beautiful in no time at all, you have our permission to hit the snooze button and enjoy your sleep.

Follow these steps faithfully and you won’t believe your eyes. (Or how amazing they look!)

Remember, a beautiful face starts with a clean canvas. So don’t forget the simple rule of three.

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. Don’t forget to use a separate moisturizer under your eyes. (This is the thinnest skin on your entire body). A heavy face moisturizer will weigh it down and can actually create wrinkles faster as you age. Make sure to choose a moisturizer made for your eye area.

Once your face is clean, these five easy tricks, along with that added beauty sleep, will give you a glowing look that is the mark of effortless beauty.

1. Apply a tinted moisturizer or foundation. Whatever coverage you choose (full foundation, or just a slight tinted bb) always put on your main coverage with a foundation brush. The coverage and appearance will be smoother, and more even toned.

2. Sweep bronzer onto your cheekbones, sides of your nose, and temples. Blend.

3. Swipe on a light layer of facial highlighter (liquid form is my favorite) in a sheer pearl or light pink. Apply just above the bronzer on your cheeks, and blend down. Apply to the bridge of your nose, on your forehead, and just below your hairline. Blend well for a summery, dewy, flawless finish.

4. Quickly shape your eyebrows and fill in with a pencil to give your face a more defined, clean look. Remember to follow the natural shape of your brow, and slightly define.

5. Lastly, apply a dab or two of highlighter on your eyelids and beneath your brows. Blend and swipe on your favorite mascara, lip color or gloss.

Your total time spent for a flawless, summer fresh face?

15 minutes total!
March 26, 2014 Posted by mandi in Beauty

Beautiful Nails For Summer Sandal Season!

Toes With summer right around the corner, it is time to get your fingers and toes ready sandal season!

Brightening up your mani/pedi is easy with this springs array of colors, such as pink, mint, purple, and tangerine. However, to get a beautifully polished nail, you need to start with a healthy nail.

Try a few of these little tips and tricks to boost the smoothness and strength of your finger and toe nails.

Hydrate: We know that in hotter months its crucial to stay hydrated, but drinking a sufficient amount of water helps keep everything healthy. From your skin to your hair, and even your nails, your body as a whole benefits from adequate hydration. Aim to consume at least 8-10 glasses a day for optimal benefits.

Supplementation: For a health boost for your nails, try adding a Biotin to your daily supplement intake. Biotin is a natural vitamin to help hair and nails grow healthy and strong. You can ask your doctor or health store specialist which dosage is best. Take it faithfully throughout the summer for best results.

Oil Is Your Best Friend: Treat your nails kindly by investing in a good cuticle oil and a hardening clear nail polish if you have fragile flaking nails that peel easily. Make sure to eat healthy too and taking coconut oil with meals can act as a super food in so many ways. You can even use coconut oil or avocado oil in place of pricier cuticle oils if you prefer to go au naturel.

Remember, if your nails are dry and brittle, or your hair is dull, it could have a lot to do with what you are nourishing your body with on the inside. Make sure your eating plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your nails healthy and strong! These tips will ensure beautiful nails for the summer season!

Oh Lorde Those Lips!

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press RoomA pale face and a dark lip is truly all you need. Teen pop star Lorde busted onto the scene with her huge hit "Royals", and the singer is just at the start of her career. Already winning 2 Grammys, Lorde has also captured the potential of being a fashion icon. If she’s doing something right, it’s gathering a staple piece, and using it to her best advantage. Her signature dark lipstick is what makes this teen queen gothic-chic.

For the 2014 Grammy Awards, Lorde mixed two MAC cosmetic lipsticks together; Purple Heroine and Cyber. Now, if you don’t want to necessarily mix two different colors together for that perfect deep purple, almost black, lip shade, another one that is known to work for her is Nars, train bleu.

All in all, you can truly do any dark, deep purple to resemble Lorde’s beautiful lip look. We just wouldn't suggest a black lipstick and don’t do a dark eye shadow with the dark lip. Balance is key.

By: Ricky “The Rick” Barber

You Are What You Eat

There are hundreds of different face washes that can benefit your skin; however, the products you choose to put into your body, such as food and vitamins, have a direct effect on how you feel and your overall health, including your skins complexion. For example; eating foods with high water content, like cucumbers, can help reduce surface dryness.

If you have dry skin... Try adding oils to your diet. “Foods like walnuts, oily fish, wild-caught salmon and flaxseed can all add hydration and moisture to your skin cells from within,” says founder of Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts.

If you have redness... Try eating cucumbers, which are high in silica; Cucumbers are an amazing superfood, as are foods high in zinc, a vitamin essential for injury repair. You can find high levels of zinc in almonds, chickpeas and shellfish. Avoid spicy food and highly caffeinated beverages.

If you have oily/acne prone skin... Try adding probiotics to your diet. “This establishes heathy flora in the body to fight inflammation and reduce acne,” says Somerville. In addition, foods high in vitamin A and zinc will help reduce pore clogging oil production and swelling associated with blemishes. Avoid dairy products, like milk or yogurt, where hormones are used.

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

Do you have a special occasion that you want to look fab for? Why not go for the dramatic and gorgeous smokey eye look! It adds just enough mystery and sexiness to your totally cute outfit.
Step 1: To eliminate any oil on your eyelids, start with a base of primer. Apply it from the lash line up to the eyelid crease. Let the primer dry before moving on to the next step.
Step 2: Choose your preferred color of eyeliner for your look (we recommend a black or gray for the typical smokey look) and apply above the upper lash line.
Step 3: Apply the same color eyeliner to the bottom lash line. An eyeliner pencil, rather than liquid, is recommended because it is easier to smudge. Use a smudge brush or your finger to run over the just drawn line to smudge. To make the smudge even more dramatic, you can apply eye shadow over the eyeliner line.
Step 4: Choose a light colored base eye shadow color (such as a cream) and apply over the entire lid up to the brow bone.
Step 5: Choose a dark color eye shadow and blend upwards starting at the eyeliner line and ending at the eyelid crease with an eye shadow brush. The key here is to really blend! You shouldn’t be able to tell the eyeliner line apart from the eye shadow. Make sure both eyelids match in color/darkness.
Step 6: Finish up the dramatic and sexy look with coating your eyelashes with several coats of mascara.
Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. You can mix things up by using different colors of eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Have fun with it and dare to be creative!