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March 22, 2014 Posted by mandi in Drama

Are Kendall and Harry destined to become "Karry" before their romance fizzles?

KendallHarryMusic superstar Harry styles has been spotted around town with Keeping Up with the Karsdashians kutie, er, cutie, Kendall Jenner as of late.

Styles, who is currently promoting One Direction's new album, Midnight Memories, was approached with the topic of Ms. Jenner during a recent interview.

When asked if he was romancing the teen star he gave a jumbled message that left us a little mixed up.

“Um, I mean, we went out for dinner, but no. I guess," he said, asking then to move on from the topic of conversation.

So I guess we will be left wondering, are they, or aren't they? Only time will tell.

Hilary Duff Splits From Hubby Over "Lack of Effort" Star Says

HilaryChildhood star Hilary Duff recently separated from her husband for 4 years, Mike Comrie. A sourse tells US WEEKLY, “she felt he didn’t put enough effort into the relationship.”

The words “lack of effort” makes me feel sad for what Hilary was probably going through or even feeling while in a crumbling relationship. That could mean that she felt alone in process of raising and taking care of their 21 month old son, Luca. The two have agreed that the split will not interfere with them raising their child, but lack of effort in the relationship means he wasn’t there or contributing.

They attended counseling for 18 months and it seems it still wasn’t enough to bring back that spark. Hilary will be fine alone for awhile, she plans to read over some scripts, or start writing music to cope with the feelings she’s probably developing over the separation or what she was even feeling when things started to get bad.

The Lizzie McGuire actress is so beautiful, she should have no difficulty in the dating game when she is ready to do so, but for now... taking care of that baby is the number one responsibility!

Ricky “The Rick” Barber

Justin Bieber's Legal Woes

Justin Bieber

If only the Bieb’s had just been speeding, he might have gotten away with a warning. However, his irresponsible choice to drink and drive got him arrested for a DUI. According to law enforcement sources, Justin’s blood alcohol level was OFF THE CHARTS.

After a short stint of just 10 hours, after being held for charges of a DUI and illegal drag racing, Justin was released. He made bond for a mere $2500; he appeared to be in good spirits, as he was waving to his fans as he left the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.
by Jennifer Monroe

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes: Back Together?

A Grande and N Sykes It was such a devastation to the teen world when we heard the news that Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes had ended their relationship! Afterall, they were such a cute couple!

It doesn't hurt that Ariana Grande is one of the “most wanted” celebrities by men today, but it looks like the couple may be continuing their romance where they left off, taking America's newest sweetheart back off the market.

Nathan flew out to Los Angeles recently to catch up with Ariana and after the trip they were caught posting some pretty love-y tweets (see below).
by Jennifer Monroe

@NathanTheWanted Dancing around to the radio "because I'm happyyyyyyyyy" 11:24 AM - 15 Jan 2014

@ArianaGrande I'm a fool for you 11:16 PM - 20 Jan 2014

Who are YOUR true friends?

                                            Sometimes the people you think are your true friends, side against you. If this does happen to you, just remember everything happens for a reason. Try to take a more open look at this situation. Maybe you are wrong, even though its hard to admit it. But if you really try to open up to the other persons side and you just can't, maybe you and your friend aren't as compatible as you thought. Try keeping friends around that have the same opinions and feelings as you. There will be way less drama and fighting, which gives you more time to party and have fun together! True friends stick together through everything. True friends can do anything and talk about anything together. Don't feel like you are close enough to your friends? Try playing the game "If you really knew me you would know...". It's a game where you sit in a circle and take turns saying things like "If you really knew me you would know that my parents got divorced when I was two." You can really learn a lot about people while playing that game. But make sure you trust everyone that you are telling so that you can become closer. Most of the time friends enjoy the same music and movies. Try getting together and watching your favorite movies and listening to your favorite music while eating your favorite foods. You can even do some cheesy board games, or color in some coloring books together! Its fun to just lay back and relax with your best friend. If it's a nice day and you and your friend are feeling it, go for a walk, or even a skip! Me and my friend hold hands and skip to show people we are proud to be with each other. If you are truly besties, you won't be ashamed to be friends with them, and vise versa. If you and you're best friend get into a fight, or disagree on something, try to work it out, think about it, this one little argument shouldn't be enough to tear you and your best friend apart. Work things out, you'll be glad you did, it's hard to find true friends.