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Kendall Jenner's New Party Pad

KendallJ by Ashley Victoria

  Kendall Jenner, we all know her as one of the famous younger siblings to the Kardashian sisters.  That has got to be a big title to carry, however, every 19 year old girl would probably give their left arm to be her.  To have her status, her body, and her bank account.  But of course there are the haters of the world, and she probably wont be able to shake the Kardashian title anytime soon.

I have to hand it to her, the girl is a rock star.  Aside from being stunningly gorgeous, the girl knows a thing or two about style.  In work and play, this girl has it going on.  This nineteen year old reality star turned model has officially broken away from her sisters shadows, starring in many runway shows as of late, no matter how controversial they may be.  She has rocked the runway during NYC fashion week, and in London, Paris, and other catwalks along the way.  Her new shoe line collaboration with sister Kylie, and Steve Madden, that we recently featured is an ever-growing product for the already thriving-brand.

  But the topic on every tongue in Hollywood is the recent big purchase Kendall decided to make.  Jenner treated herself to a pad of her own in the hills of Hollywood.  She decided to settle down (or at least take a step in vying for the title of hottest party pad in L.A) into a lavish 1.4 million dollar condo.  Wow, can we say party at Kendall’s place?    And how do we get an invite, because this girl seems to have everything going for herself, and that’s truly something to celebrate.


Hot Picks For Summer Workout Attire

Sometimes finding motivation for the gym can be tricky. To give yourself a boost of energy, its decadent things such as a piping hot latte or an afternoon nap that sound more enticing than putting in a sweat session. However, we can’t help but want to hit the mat, or the treadmill, when we get to rock extremely fashionable workout attire in the process.

Runway has compiled a list of three top designers, and our top choices from their lines, for you to not only look good, but also, gain benefits from the material and fit of your workout attire.

Nikeshoes2 Nike Nike shoes may be cute and colorful, an attribute that makes it fun when coordinating your workout ensemble, but Nike truly knows how to make an amazing workout shoe. No matter your exercise preference, whether you are a runner, a climber, or tennis pro, Nike has a shoe for you. Comprised of breathable fabric, lasting materials and a shape that actually enhances your posture as well as your workouts, Nike is a definite pick on our top three list. With their wide array of shoes, clothing, athletic attire and workout accessories, if you are going to make an investment in your workout gear, this is a great place to start. Without a good supportive shoe, running and certain exercises could potentially be harmful to your feet, knees, ankles, and hips. Investing in a good shoe now, can save you money, and pain, later. Visit to shop or visit a Nike retailer near you.

  LuluemonLululemon This brand is a favorite for female athletes worldwide. Not only are their workout clothes fashionable, they offer a full line of options for female runners and yogis alike, and they design attire that is made to last. Whatever your workout routine consists of, Lululemon has a style of clothing and fabric designed just for you. With five specifically designed categories and performance enhancing fabrics, they stand by their name of being a quality brand utilizing quality fabrics that work and stretch with your body and its movements. Using a signature fabric called Luon, the pieces are designed to wick away sweat from even the hardest workout session. To check out all of the lines and styles that Lululemon has to offer, visit to shop or find a store near you.

      Splits 59 2Splits59 Splits 59, is one of the newer workout brands in the athletic fashion industry, but they have already made quite a name for themselves. Not only is their workout attire fashionable and extremely comfortable, but when the fashion savvy Kardashian’s rock the brand on the daily you know it’s got to be good. Its special blend of breathable materials provides you with a cool, comfortable, and of course, stylish workout wardrobe. For store locations and a view on what they have to offer visit

How To Enjoy A Staycation At Home This Summer Break

RunwayTeenWhile the sun is starting to set on the cold season this year, girls everywhere are marking their calendars to hit some hot spot destinations for spring break and summer vacation.

However, there are some of us that have obligations over break that just won’t allow us to stuff our suitcases and hit the beach for sunbathing. Spring and summer jobs, family responsibilities and summer school top the list for things that put a damper on travel plans.

If this sounds familiar, do not get down on yourself. Runway Teen shares a few ideas on how to look, and feel, as if you had the break of a lifetime even if your travel calendar is bare.

Taking a break from school is really about your state of mind. It is freedom from obligations and studying, so that you can spend time doing what you enjoy and spending time with friends.

Try pampering yourself for a day. You don’t need to be in a dream locale to do so. Even if you only have a couple hours of free time to devote, that is plenty of time to hit the salon for a sexy sun kissed spray tan and hit the pool deck. Take your favorite teen magazines, a yummy smoothie and your favorite tunes on your iPod and spend an afternoon relaxing. The smell of sunscreen, the sound of summer tunes and the taste of a tropical drink will tell your senses you’re exactly where you want to be.

After your “beach time”, treat yourself to the “spa”. At home, spa treatments are extremely easy and affordable. Pick up supplies at the market prior to your day of bliss such as exfoliating facemasks, toner, moisturizer and a bright nail polish to liven up your fingers and toes. Lighting candles in the bathroom and soaking in a bubble bath will complete your head to toe spa experience.

If you would like to get out, instead of staying in, hitting new boutiques or shops that you don’t normally visit can feel like you are cities away. Take a little cash and pick up some pieces for a new summer wardrobe. Sporting new trends can help you get out of a rut and make you feel fabulous. Try grabbing lunch a new hot spot with a friend to mix things up, trying a new dish from another part of the world can send your taste buds on vacation even if your just a few miles from home.

Even if your summer break plans don’t include airfare or a stay in a bungalow overlooking the water, you can use these tips to have a fabulous break. With your fabulous new tan, wardrobe and glowing skin, your friends will be wondering if you did get away after all.

Choosing The Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is right around the corner, which means it’s time for the one to-do list item that is on almost every girls dream board, picking the perfect dress. These 2014 prom fashion trends should give you an idea of what to look for when accomplishing the hottest looks for prom night.

floralFloral designs If you are a feminine girls girl and you want to wear a dress that incorporate this season’s hottest trend, you’ll want to look for a dress that features a floral design. For a light, feminine feel, opt for a paler shade that will allow your accents to pop, it also will lend a vintage feel, a look that is both whimsical and delicate.

            MetallicMetallic Metallic colors can really make a statement. Try pairing a metallic dress that enhances your skin tone with accessories that compliment your dresses style. Adding accessories such as diamond studs or an understated necklace won’t clash with the boldness of a metallic fabric. Opting for a statement necklace in a contrasting shade could be a good move for the girl who’s bold and wants to grab attention. If you like this trend but are opting for a more traditional dress, a soft metallic eye shadow or manicure are also good options.

        Trend-RadiantOrchid2Radiant Orchid Pantone’s hottest color of 2014 is the perfect color for prom! Its purple-pink tone is stunning and works on most skin tones. This color really makes a trendy statement and can be accessorized in many ways. Diamonds will add a glamorous sparkle, while silver or gold can keep it youthful and light.

          BLACKDRESSTrendThe LBPD (Little Black Prom Dress) This look is such a classic. Every girl, even in high school, should have one in her closet. A little black dress can be sexy, classy, or casually cute, the possibilities in the versatility and accessories are endless. A great choice for the girl who prefers neutral tones and wants to buy a dress she can wear again and again.

            prom8Glamour Queen For the princess who wants to go all out on the big night, wear something glamorous. Beading, crystals, sparkle… prom is a night to shine! Opt for a one-of-a-kind piece to ensure no one will be seen in the same dress. Look at vintage shops or boutiques. Play around with fabrics and colors. Modern dresses with a hint of vintage feel are always a great choice. Dare to be bold and go all out in a corset with feathers or beading. Corset topped dresses with ball gown style skirts are always a winner for transforming you into the belle of the ball.

          Whatever you choose, opt for the look that expresses who YOU are, if you stay true to you, you’re guaranteed to look amazing.

The Newest APP Obsession: Flappy Bird

Flappy BirdHave you heard of the new game taking the iPhone world by storm? The App is titled Flappy Bird, and while it may look easy, it's one of the hardest and most frustrating games ever! However, once you start, you can't stop, it's highly addicting!

Tips To Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship


Relationships in general are tricky, and can be hard to sustain at any age, but when you throw in the added element of long-distance, it can become a whole new scenario.  When you have details such as planning what college to attend, what to wear to prom, and studying for exams on your plate, it is hard to put focus on much else.    

After graduation, relationships are tested.  Friendships, as well as significant others, feel the strain of the impending change at this stage of life.  But, as we focus on the boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic in this post, we observe the questions most asked with someone who is considering their significant other when making their college plans.  Questions such as, “Do I stay in state?”, “Do I go to an out of state school?”, “Where will my boyfriend/girlfriend be going and will he/she factor our relationship?”, and lastly “Is this relationship something worth putting over my educational choices?”

Do not fret.  Here are some ideas to help you not only survive long-distance, but thrive, even with space between you.

1.)    Make sure you both have a clear outline of your relationship.  Are you casually dating? Committed? Engaged?  Communication and being on the same page is key.

2.)    Spend time together.  This is most difficult obstacle in a long-distance relationship.  However, with today’s technological advances such as face-time and Skype, it is possible.  Make sure you communicate daily to feel connected, even talking on the phone while watching a movie together or studying can help solidify your bond.

3.)    Get together as often as possible.  Set goals to make time on vacations such as spring break or Christmas break to meet up and have some actual face time.

4.)    Be patient.  You both need to know there is a light at the end of your academic tunnel.  Focusing on your studies, and growing as individuals, will help strengthen your relationship and bring you together in the end.

5.)    Be positive and trust one another.  It is important to talk about your future together, as well as your personal long-term goals.  Make sure you both have similar interests and plans while heading towards your futures.  If you share similar goals in life, it will be easier to build trust and withstand the time apart.

Maintaining long-distance relationships is hard work, but it is possible!