Flattering Suit Style for Every Body Type

Bathing Suit Plus TeenThe days of summer are drawing near, and for some, that means the dreaded anxiety that goes hand in hand with bathing suit season.

Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes but that is no reason to fear the endless racks of suits that taunt us. With just a few simple rules to follow when you are out shopping, it can become a fun and easy experience. It’s all about finding the right suit for your body type. Just like other clothing items, nothing is ever one sizes fits all, and those pieces that claim they are, are just simply lying.

If you are busty you want to make sure that you stick to supportive suits that incorporate underwire or broad adjustable bands in your choice of top. This will help give support and comfort. You will want to make sure that you avoid suits with loose ties or bikinis with cups that are too small. Supportive halter bikinis and one-pieces are also great options.

If you are pear shaped with fuller hips or thighs, you can find suits that add pretty embellishments above the waist to draw the eye away from your lower body. Suits with slimming belts and bright, summery colors are also a great way to go. Make sure that you avoid the boy shorts and look for bottoms that have a curve cut to give the illusion of longer legs.

If you are apple shaped, you will want to look for styles that slim your tummy. The best way to help slim this area is to use textured fabrics or suits that incorporate a ruched style. Tankinis are a great way to help create the illusion of a slim tummy. There are also suits available on the market that have extra support that will help tuck in the tummy. You will want to avoid belts and embellishments that draw attention to the middle.

Lastly, for women who have a straight figure, using bold colors and fun print patterns is a great way to help accent your body and give the illusion of curves. Ruffles, texture and padding can also be a great addition to the suit. You want to avoid using vertical lines and solid colors and bikinis are a good match for this body style.

Make sure to find a suit that makes you feel comfortable, with these tips we hope you will find the shopping excursion an enjoyable adventure and not a dreaded chore. Remember, the summer is about making memories, traveling and letting your hair down. Tossing a fabulous new suit in your luggage is just the icing on top!
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