Hilary Duff Splits From Hubby Over "Lack of Effort" Star Says

HilaryChildhood star Hilary Duff recently separated from her husband for 4 years, Mike Comrie. A sourse tells US WEEKLY, “she felt he didn’t put enough effort into the relationship.”

The words “lack of effort” makes me feel sad for what Hilary was probably going through or even feeling while in a crumbling relationship. That could mean that she felt alone in process of raising and taking care of their 21 month old son, Luca. The two have agreed that the split will not interfere with them raising their child, but lack of effort in the relationship means he wasn’t there or contributing.

They attended counseling for 18 months and it seems it still wasn’t enough to bring back that spark. Hilary will be fine alone for awhile, she plans to read over some scripts, or start writing music to cope with the feelings she’s probably developing over the separation or what she was even feeling when things started to get bad.

The Lizzie McGuire actress is so beautiful, she should have no difficulty in the dating game when she is ready to do so, but for now... taking care of that baby is the number one responsibility!

Ricky “The Rick” Barber
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