How To Enjoy A Staycation At Home This Summer Break

RunwayTeenWhile the sun is starting to set on the cold season this year, girls everywhere are marking their calendars to hit some hot spot destinations for spring break and summer vacation.

However, there are some of us that have obligations over break that just won’t allow us to stuff our suitcases and hit the beach for sunbathing. Spring and summer jobs, family responsibilities and summer school top the list for things that put a damper on travel plans.

If this sounds familiar, do not get down on yourself. Runway Teen shares a few ideas on how to look, and feel, as if you had the break of a lifetime even if your travel calendar is bare.

Taking a break from school is really about your state of mind. It is freedom from obligations and studying, so that you can spend time doing what you enjoy and spending time with friends.

Try pampering yourself for a day. You don’t need to be in a dream locale to do so. Even if you only have a couple hours of free time to devote, that is plenty of time to hit the salon for a sexy sun kissed spray tan and hit the pool deck. Take your favorite teen magazines, a yummy smoothie and your favorite tunes on your iPod and spend an afternoon relaxing. The smell of sunscreen, the sound of summer tunes and the taste of a tropical drink will tell your senses you’re exactly where you want to be.

After your “beach time”, treat yourself to the “spa”. At home, spa treatments are extremely easy and affordable. Pick up supplies at the market prior to your day of bliss such as exfoliating facemasks, toner, moisturizer and a bright nail polish to liven up your fingers and toes. Lighting candles in the bathroom and soaking in a bubble bath will complete your head to toe spa experience.

If you would like to get out, instead of staying in, hitting new boutiques or shops that you don’t normally visit can feel like you are cities away. Take a little cash and pick up some pieces for a new summer wardrobe. Sporting new trends can help you get out of a rut and make you feel fabulous. Try grabbing lunch a new hot spot with a friend to mix things up, trying a new dish from another part of the world can send your taste buds on vacation even if your just a few miles from home.

Even if your summer break plans don’t include airfare or a stay in a bungalow overlooking the water, you can use these tips to have a fabulous break. With your fabulous new tan, wardrobe and glowing skin, your friends will be wondering if you did get away after all.
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