How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

Do you have a special occasion that you want to look fab for? Why not go for the dramatic and gorgeous smokey eye look! It adds just enough mystery and sexiness to your totally cute outfit.
Step 1: To eliminate any oil on your eyelids, start with a base of primer. Apply it from the lash line up to the eyelid crease. Let the primer dry before moving on to the next step.
Step 2: Choose your preferred color of eyeliner for your look (we recommend a black or gray for the typical smokey look) and apply above the upper lash line.
Step 3: Apply the same color eyeliner to the bottom lash line. An eyeliner pencil, rather than liquid, is recommended because it is easier to smudge. Use a smudge brush or your finger to run over the just drawn line to smudge. To make the smudge even more dramatic, you can apply eye shadow over the eyeliner line.
Step 4: Choose a light colored base eye shadow color (such as a cream) and apply over the entire lid up to the brow bone.
Step 5: Choose a dark color eye shadow and blend upwards starting at the eyeliner line and ending at the eyelid crease with an eye shadow brush. The key here is to really blend! You shouldn’t be able to tell the eyeliner line apart from the eye shadow. Make sure both eyelids match in color/darkness.
Step 6: Finish up the dramatic and sexy look with coating your eyelashes with several coats of mascara.
Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. You can mix things up by using different colors of eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Have fun with it and dare to be creative!  
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