Katy Perry Hits 50 Million Twitter Followers!

Katy ‘Firework’ star Katy Perry just recently broke the 50 Million followers mark on Twitter!

This should be an exciting moment for this entertainment icon, because she now leads in the “who has more followers” club!

Catching up to her are a few celebrities that are well on their way, including; new bad boy Justin Beiber, inching up to her with a whopping 49,000,000+ followers, and our president, Barack Obama, who is in 3rd place behind the Canadian rebel.

Next in line is Lady Gaga with just over 41.000,000 little monsters, which is pretty close to the presidents final total. And rounding off the top 5 is the video outlet site Youtube with 38,983,727 followers!

Congratulate Katy by tweeting her at @katyperry

Ricky “The Rick” Barber
Twitter: @Rickyrudy33
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