Oh Lorde Those Lips!

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press RoomA pale face and a dark lip is truly all you need. Teen pop star Lorde busted onto the scene with her huge hit "Royals", and the singer is just at the start of her career. Already winning 2 Grammys, Lorde has also captured the potential of being a fashion icon. If she’s doing something right, it’s gathering a staple piece, and using it to her best advantage. Her signature dark lipstick is what makes this teen queen gothic-chic.

For the 2014 Grammy Awards, Lorde mixed two MAC cosmetic lipsticks together; Purple Heroine and Cyber. Now, if you don’t want to necessarily mix two different colors together for that perfect deep purple, almost black, lip shade, another one that is known to work for her is Nars, train bleu.

All in all, you can truly do any dark, deep purple to resemble Lorde’s beautiful lip look. We just wouldn't suggest a black lipstick and don’t do a dark eye shadow with the dark lip. Balance is key.

By: Ricky “The Rick” Barber
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