Tips To Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship


Relationships in general are tricky, and can be hard to sustain at any age, but when you throw in the added element of long-distance, it can become a whole new scenario.  When you have details such as planning what college to attend, what to wear to prom, and studying for exams on your plate, it is hard to put focus on much else.    

After graduation, relationships are tested.  Friendships, as well as significant others, feel the strain of the impending change at this stage of life.  But, as we focus on the boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic in this post, we observe the questions most asked with someone who is considering their significant other when making their college plans.  Questions such as, “Do I stay in state?”, “Do I go to an out of state school?”, “Where will my boyfriend/girlfriend be going and will he/she factor our relationship?”, and lastly “Is this relationship something worth putting over my educational choices?”

Do not fret.  Here are some ideas to help you not only survive long-distance, but thrive, even with space between you.

1.)    Make sure you both have a clear outline of your relationship.  Are you casually dating? Committed? Engaged?  Communication and being on the same page is key.

2.)    Spend time together.  This is most difficult obstacle in a long-distance relationship.  However, with today’s technological advances such as face-time and Skype, it is possible.  Make sure you communicate daily to feel connected, even talking on the phone while watching a movie together or studying can help solidify your bond.

3.)    Get together as often as possible.  Set goals to make time on vacations such as spring break or Christmas break to meet up and have some actual face time.

4.)    Be patient.  You both need to know there is a light at the end of your academic tunnel.  Focusing on your studies, and growing as individuals, will help strengthen your relationship and bring you together in the end.

5.)    Be positive and trust one another.  It is important to talk about your future together, as well as your personal long-term goals.  Make sure you both have similar interests and plans while heading towards your futures.  If you share similar goals in life, it will be easier to build trust and withstand the time apart.

Maintaining long-distance relationships is hard work, but it is possible!      
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