Trend Alert: November 2012

Clothing: It's getting cold babes! Have to go to school and you're feeling like you just want a comfy day? You can dress up the usual sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a cute and colorful scarf and some cute boots! Or you can have a cute tank with a knit sweater with some yoga pants and a pair of flats. Why not be comfortable and still look cute?       Feeling great and wanna go out looking hot and fashionable? You're favorite jeans with a crop top and a pair of either your choice of flats or even just some Converse or Vans would look great! Dress it up with a multiple chain necklace, a watch or a charm bracelet, and some hoop earrings. I am the type of person who tries to look great everyday unless I know its just not worth it that day, then I will go comfy.       Hair: Curls are in! With a wand or a curling iron you can make magic! Don't feel like you will have the time to curl your hair? Waves are next in line! You can braid your hair (French, fishtail, ect.) the night before and take it out the next morning, just add some hair spray. Don't feel like doing much with your hair? A messy bun is perfect if you're in a hurry or just feeling lazy.`       Makeup: Gold and nude eye shadow are the colors of this month. You can use a little bit of eye liner (you can choose the color, I use blue because I have blue eyes), and mascara would tie everything together! Long eyelashes can be either cute or sexy! Also, putting mascara on the bottom will bring out your eyes better. Lighter lipsticks and glosses would look super cute also!  
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