You Are What You Eat

There are hundreds of different face washes that can benefit your skin; however, the products you choose to put into your body, such as food and vitamins, have a direct effect on how you feel and your overall health, including your skins complexion. For example; eating foods with high water content, like cucumbers, can help reduce surface dryness.

If you have dry skin... Try adding oils to your diet. “Foods like walnuts, oily fish, wild-caught salmon and flaxseed can all add hydration and moisture to your skin cells from within,” says founder of Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts.

If you have redness... Try eating cucumbers, which are high in silica; Cucumbers are an amazing superfood, as are foods high in zinc, a vitamin essential for injury repair. You can find high levels of zinc in almonds, chickpeas and shellfish. Avoid spicy food and highly caffeinated beverages.

If you have oily/acne prone skin... Try adding probiotics to your diet. “This establishes heathy flora in the body to fight inflammation and reduce acne,” says Somerville. In addition, foods high in vitamin A and zinc will help reduce pore clogging oil production and swelling associated with blemishes. Avoid dairy products, like milk or yogurt, where hormones are used.
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